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5 Best Mindset Podcasts on Spotify (2021)

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With over 2.2 million podcasts now available on Spotify, how are you meant to know which are worth listening to?

Here you’ll find 5 of our top mindset podcasts on Spotify, along with when new episodes are released and 5 of my favourite episodes from each.

By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll have 5 new podcasts to listen to and 25 episodes to get started with that will help you grow.

The Diary of a CEO

The Diary Of a CEO Spotify Mindset Podcast

What it’s about

The Diary of a CEO by Steven Bartlett is everything business, health and self-development.

It offers a behind-the-scenes into life as an entrepreneur, featuring guests from different backgrounds as well as Steven himself sharing his own insights after building one of the UK’s fastest growing companies.

Unscripted, natural conversations are at the heart of this podcast.

Steven also wrote a book recently, Happy Sexy Millionaire, about the realities of success, love and fulfilment.

When it’s released

Every Monday a new episode is released and every Thursday Steven shares a 10-minute clip called ‘moments’ of highlights from different episodes.

Favourite episodes

  1. The Happiness Expert that made 51 million people happier: Mo Gowdat
  2. World leading mindset expert: How to reach your full potential – Matthew Syed
  3. Johann Hari – Everything you think you know about meaning & happiness is wrong
  4. Dame Stephanie Shirley – Escaping Nazi Germany and making £2.3b
  5. Nir Eyal – How to become Indistractable

The High-Performance Podcast

The High Performance Podcast Spotify Mindset Podcast

What it’s about

The High-Performance Podcast with sports broadcaster Jake Humphrey and organisational psychologist Damian Hughes features the lives of high-achievers, from sports men and women to entrepreneurs. No guest is off the cards here.

Jake and Damian have a book available to pre-order now, which encapsulate not only their top learnings from the podcast, but also offering research and strategies to help become to best you.

When it’s released

A new episode is released every Monday and a 10-minute bitesize snipped from a previous episode released every Thursday.

Favourite episodes

  1. Chris Voss: How to be a killer communicator
  2. Gareth Southgate: How to be an emotionally intelligent leader
  3. Christian Horner: How reflection wins races
  4. James Timpson: How generosity leads to wealth
  5. Jonny Wilkinson: How a mental health crisis led to a life of exploration

Slo Mo: A Podcast With Mo Gawdat

Slo Mo Spotify Mindset Podcast

What it’s about

Slo Mo consists of conversations with people from all different walks of life exploring the questions and obstacles we face in pursuit of our purpose and happiness. Delving into the realms of self-help and philosophy.

When it’s released

Slo Mo release dates aren’t as clear as the others, but most have been released on a Saturday with some occasional weekday episodes.

Favourite episodes

  1. Kushal Choksi – Surviving 9/11 and an awakening on Wall Street
  2. Adam Ashton – How to maximise your life and ROI through the power of books
  3. James Boardman – How to maintain the four pillars of a good life (lessons from a Royal Marine)
  4. Poppy Jamie – How to practice flexible thinking and why you are your own guru
  5. Owen O’Kane – How to become ten times happier and why comparison is killing your joy

The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience Spotify Mindset Podcast

What it’s about

With nearly 2,000 episodes, Joe Rogan talks to a multitude of guests, offering insights into near enough any topic.

There are at least two types of episodes, the main ‘general’ episodes and “MMA show”.

The podcast features doctors, philosophers, musicians, actors, directors, entrepreneurs and astronomers amongst many others.

The beauty with JRE is that you can also watch Joe and the guest talk for a couple of hours at a time as it is filmed.

When it’s released

There are between 3 – 5 episodes released per week.

Favourite episodes

  1. Brian Cox #610 and #1233
  2. Elon Musk
  3. Kevin Hart
  4. Miley Cyrus
  5. David Goggins

Daily Stoic: Ryan Holiday

Daily Stoic with Ryan Holiday Spotify Mindset Podcast

What it’s about

The Daily Stoic presents Stoicism in an easy-to-understand way. Episodes include Stoic teachings and feature Q+A’s and interviews with figures who use Stoicism to guide their lives.

This podcast enables you a to introduce the teachings from Stoicism into your life.

When it’s released

New episodes are released every day. Most are between 2 – 10 minutes, but interviews can last up to an hour.

Favourite episodes

  1. Labels make you worse
  2. This is where you’re supposed to be
  3. Time management strategies from the Stoics
  4. 50 (short) rules for life from the Stoics
  5. How Stoicism can help you be brave

Final thoughts

Now you have 5 different mindset podcasts and 25 episodes to go and listen to that will open and improve your mindset.

Exposing yourself to different people’s opinions and experience is the best way to start finding yourself, by simply just learning, absorbing and being open to new possibilities.

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