Thursday, May 19, 2022

About The Confused Twenty Something

Welcome to The Confused Twenty Something, an online resource for twenty-somethings who are figuring their sh*t out.

Who’s behind the blog?

The Confused Twenty Something was founded by Amy Rogerson, a 22 year old who felt confused, lost and lacking purpose.

"Like you, I am also on my own journey of self-discovery. I've still not quite cracked life yet and I'm still very much confused. I knew I wasn't alone in feeling this way and as a result wanted to create something that could help people like me; a confused twenty something who lacks direction, feels stuck, struggles with comparison and doesn't know what their purpose is. Here you'll find a range of topics discussed, a few things that have worked for me and content that is based off research, studies and proven methods."

Amy Rogerson


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